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Philaeum Internet Strategy is founded by me, Jan-Willem Aldershoff. At young age (1997, at 17) I became an internet entrepeneur as founder of an international technology community with more than 4 million visitors a month. The site belonged to the 3000 largest websites of the world. In 2009 I did a succesful exit and in april 2012 I made the decision to purchase the site back to rescue it from it's previous owner.

Besides running the website, I'm also available as internet strategist / consultant and I'm available as coach for starting and advanced entrepeneurs who would like to start or improve their internet presence.

I combine the best of both worlds in internet as I combine the skills to write code and my indepth knowlegde of internet marketing and advertising. My speciality is to achieve as much as possible with limited budgets and my primary interest is in increasing efficiency by making use of the internet

I'm based in the Netherlands, but have served clients in the US, UK and Japan. Working under NDA is possible, I've worked for several clients that way.

My skills

  • PHP / Javascript / CSS coding
  • Advanced knowlegde of Wordpress, CakePHP
  • Heavily experienced with internet advertising (Adsense, Other networks, OpenX)
  • Developing PR strategies (featured in international media)
  • Strategic development / Business development of internet ventures
  • Communication in Dutch and English in international settings

Hire me if you want to

  • receive guidance on starting your internet business
  • learn how the internet can change your business
  • see if you can save on your internet expenses
  • discuss your internet ideas and develop a feasible strategy
  • implement your ideas

Hire me to get a top-notch, heavily experienced internet consultant, keen to help you!

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