Install Netbeans 11 and skip Java Development Kit (JDK) not found error

Since Netbeans is my IDE of choice, it was one of the first things I installed on my new PC. running Windows 10. I went straight away with the latest Netbeans version, which was version 11 at that time. Unfortunately installing Netbeans 11 was a pain, I got stuck with the installer stating Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found on this computer.

The installer hints that using –javahome you can point the installer to the folder where the JDK is installed. However that never worked for me as well. If you have the same issue with installing Netbeans 11, you might want to know there is a fix.

Step 1

Make sure you have Java SE installed. E.g download the latest version from this page.

Step 2

Download the installer for Netbeans (on Windows) and then nagivate to the file. Run the Windows command line (cmd.exe) as Administrator and then run this command:

{filename.exe} --extract.

You will notice that the installer will start to extract files without doing any additional checks (such as for the JRE/JDK/Java whatever requirements).

Step 3

After that, run the command:

java -jar bundle.jar

Now setup should start and guide you through all next steps

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