WordPress 3.5 – Image / Gallery Media uploader to custom plugin / meta box (easy)

With this simple and relative short code you can add the WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader to your own plugins. It will return single or multiple images and returns them in a comma seperated list.

If you want to return other attributes then  monitor the attributes using the console.


jQuery('#image_button').click(function(e) {
 frame = wp.media({
 title : 'Add your title here',
 frame: 'post',
 multiple : true, // set to false if you want only one image
 library : { type : 'image'},
 button : { text : 'Add Image' },
 frame.on('close',function(data) {
 var imageArray = [];
 images = frame.state().get('selection');
 images.each(function(image) {
imageArray.push(image.attributes.url); // want other attributes? Check the available ones with console.log(image.attributes);

 jQuery("#imageurls").val(imageArray.join(",")); // Adds all image URL's comma seperated to a text input


<input type="text" name="imageurls" id="imageurls" />
 <input type= "button" class="button" name="image_button" id="image_button" value="Add Image(s)" />
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2 Responses to WordPress 3.5 – Image / Gallery Media uploader to custom plugin / meta box (easy)

  1. Hey man!

    You saved us a lot of time, thank you very much!

    Cheers from Switzerland


  2. Elvis says:

    Great, exactly whatr I was looking after. Works like a charm. I now try to make a preview of the selected image in my metabox

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